Enthusiasts and Private Pilots

Basic procedures, system functionality and radio communications are skills you can learn in your home flight simulator.

Here is some of the items we can you go over in your home simulator

  • Ground Operations (Checklists, Aircraft Systems, Airport Operations, etc..) (4-6hours)
  • Basic Flight Manuevers (4 hours)
  • Flying to different airports (As Needed)
  • Navigation (4 hours)

Instrument Rating Training

Home Flight Simulators are a great tool to learn the basics of instrument flying, and a great way to learn to stay ahead of the airplane. While you cannot log the flight time from your home flight simulator, you will gain valuable skills.

We recommend a PilotEdge Subscription and iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag, or a Second monitor.

If you are working on your Instrument Rating, we can help you:

  • Build your Instrument Basic Scan (4 hours)
  • Understanding the Basics of Instrument Approaches (4 hours)
  • Practice Approaches (as Needed)
  • Holds (2 Hours)
  • PilotEdge Instrument Rating Course (as Needed)
  • G1000 Training, Garmin PC Trainer (As Needed)

You can use the Simtech Aviation AATD to log up to 20hours of actual flight training for your Instrument Rating.