Our Flight Simulator Remote Coaches

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Julian Alarcon

FAA Instructor Rating: Airplane Multi/Single Engine, Instrument Airplane, FAA Gold Seal Instructor.

Instructor Specialty: Complex, High Performance, High Altitude, Turbine, Simulators, Technically Advanced Aircraft.

FAA Airman Ratings:   Airline Transport Pilot, Typed: LR-JET, DHC-8, and EMB-145, Airbus 320, B777.

Julian Alarcon is the founder of Simtech Aviation and an instructor. He has experience flying many different types of aircraft. While in active-duty, he would bring his laptop with Microsoft Flight Simulator and joystick to practice his flying skills after his work shift in an aircraft carrier.

Simtech Aviation provides Flight Instruction in a FAA Certified Flight Simulator in Midtown Manhattan.

What do CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Type Rating mean?

A CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) can teach flying to new pilots working on the Private Pilot Certificate and Commercial in a single engine aircraft. (All of our instructors have CFI).

A CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument) can teach pilots working on their Instrument Rating in a single engine aircraft.

A MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor) can teach multi-engine and if they have their CFII, they can teach Instrument Rating in a multi-engine aircraft.

An ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) is the highest pilot certificate a pilot can earn. Once you obtain an ATP, you generally start working on type ratings.

Type Ratings: certification to fly a large or jet aircraft. You need an ATP certificate to obtain a type rating.