Remote Coach for Home Flight Simulators

Do you want to start using your home flight simulator as a flight training tool, but are you unsure where to start? We've got you covered.


Customer Stories


The simulator allows Jonas to feel like he's going to be very prepared for his first real training experience in the cockpit of an airplane. He'll have developed a confident and advanced understanding of the G1000 panel and the controls. If you make mistakes on a simulator, it's easy to just get back in the air, he says. Learning on a simulator just lets you learn in a relaxed way.

Julian gives Jonas videos to watch on his own that are very helpful so he can get a richer understanding of what's happening in the lessons. Once he sees what the controls do, and how they operate, then it's easier for him to understand the content that Julian will be teaching in the next lesson. In an in-person lesson, Jonas says you do get a certain hands-on relationship to the switches, but that it's also been enriching to get fuller content from the videos to supplement his understanding in advance. He's going to breeze through his encounters with the machinery once he can get back to in-person lessons, because by that time his understanding will be so high. In this way, it saves me some money. There will be less time explaining and more time "flying."

Alicia M.

How Can You Supplement Your Flight Training At Home?

You started using your home simulator, read the FAA Flying Handbooks, and watched the online videos, but, you are still not getting it?

On average a flight lesson costs between $300 to $400. Don't you want to be better prepared?

How Can ReadyRoger Help You?

Our Instructors are Airline Pilots and FAA Certified Instructors, who want to work with you remotely to help you lower the cost of flight training and help you understand the material.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Home_Flight_Simulator_ReadyRoger_Remote_Flight_Simulator_CoachA Computer with a Flight Simulator

A Simple Joystick will do the trick

How To Get Started?

Our Commitment To You:

Flexible Cancelation Policy

Get a full refund if you cancel through the website at least 24 hours before the lesson.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy with your first lesson? Let us know within 48 hours of the lesson date and we’ll refund your lesson.