Ready Integrating Remote Into your Flight Training Prep?

Feel that your CFI hasn't prepared you adequately for the checkride? Perhaps you prefer to skip the ground school at the airport and arrive ready to fly? Or maybe you want to make better use of your home simulator for a more effective flight training experience?


Revolutionizing Flight Training: The Ready Roger Remote Instruction Program?

At Ready Roger, we're transforming flight training. Our remote flight instruction program is deliberately tailored to all pilots — from beginners and certified instructor applicants, to those gearing up for airline pilot interviews. Think of Ready Roger as your top pick for thorough, efficient, and handy flight training, all from the coziness of your home.

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Why Choose ReadyRoger's Remote Flight Instruction?

At ReadyRoger, you won't just be learning from qualified flight instructors - you'll be learning from active airline pilots. Our CFIs fly for major US Airlines from narrow bodies to wide airplanes. They bring to the table invaluable insights, up-to-date industry knowledge, and a real-world perspective that you simply won't find at your average CFI.

Through our flexible, comprehensive learning experience that adapts to your unique needs and schedule, we create a seamless bridge between theoretical learning and real-world application.

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How can we help you during your flight training?

Private Pilot Remote Training

For Student and Private Pilots:

During your flight training, our instructors will cover subjects such as aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight planning, and much more, either prior to or during your lessons. You can learn at your own pace and convenience, without the need to drive out to the airport.

Instrument Rating Instruction

For Instrument-Rated Pilots:

Our instructors will help you master the complexities of the IFR System, including the fine details many local flight instructors might miss. With our real-world experience and expertise, you'll be better prepared to understand the IFR environment.

Certified Instructor Applicant

Certified Instructor Applicants:

Our remote instruction focuses on explanation and teaching techniques, ensuring you're well-equipped to guide future pilots and pass your CFI Checkride. We'll help you perfect your explanations of maneuvers and prepare you for the examiner's expectations.

Airline Pilot interview Prep Remote

 Airline Pilot Interview Prep:

Our instructors will ensure you're instrument-current and operating at the airline level of instrument knowledge. We'll help you sharpen your skills and knowledge, so you can confidently tackle airline training and secure your dream job.

How does one-on-one ground work?

Using Zoom  on your computer, you can screen share screen from your EFB. If you are using an iPad you should download AirServer

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Garmin Pilot EFB

Tailored Learning and Expert Guidance: Ready Roger's Comprehensive Flight Training Services

With Ready Roger, you get access to experienced airline pilots as instructors, customized learning to fit your needs and schedule, and comprehensive check-ride and practical test preparation.

Using this method, it allows us regardless of your experience level, each lesson includes:

  • Mock oral exams for checkride preparation
  • Weather briefing guidance for complex system flights
  • Advanced feature training in EFB apps like ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, Jepp FD Pro
  • Guidance on planning an IFR flight and reviewing instrument approaches

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Avionics Training?

Via Zoom you can screen share your screen and we can review avionics procedures a home simulator lack the accuracy needed. you can run it from your computer or tablet.

GTN Avionics simulator

Optimizing Your Home Flight Simulator for Training:

Ready Roger remote instruction is the perfect solution. Our certified flight instructors, who are also experienced airline pilots, will work with you directly through your home flight simulator to enhance your learning experience and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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Real-Time Learning with Ready Roger: Expert Remote Instruction for Home Flight Simulators

Our remote instruction program seamlessly integrates with most computer-based flight simulators, allowing for real-time interaction and feedback from our expert instructors. As a result, you'll develop a strong foundation in aviation knowledge and skills, preparing you for success in the cockpit and beyond.

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